Quality Dietary Supplements to Avert Kidney Stones

Substances could form and concentrate in the urine. Such substances include phosphorus, oxalate, and calcium. This results to kidney stones. Once the body has utilized the necessary nutrients in building and repairing tissues, the extra is taken to the kidneys and excreted as waste. A number of factors may cause kidney stones: fluid intake, body weight, and the environment one is in.
Common types

Four major types of kidney stones could be formed:

1. Calcium stones

These are most commonly experienced form of kidney stones. They include calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate.

2. Uric acid stones

Likely to occur when there is persistence in acidic urine. This can be due to purines in diets among other causes of acidic urine.

3. Cystine stones

Crystals may form in the urine due to the leakage of cystine. This is usually caused by genetic disorders.

4. Struvite stones

Caused by kidney infections.

How to prevent kidney stones

e56hyrg6uruktfjtVarious dietary changes could be useful in dealing with kidney stones. It is important that you consult with your doctor for the outright prevention methods. Kidney stones could be prevented through adjustments in fluid intake, and consumption of sodium, calcium, oxalate, and animal protein. Dietary supplements are known to work effectively in dissolving the main component of kidney stones.

Different supplements have been found to help in preventing kidney stones. While research is still going on to establish the effectiveness of hydroxy citrate as a way of preventing kidney stones, the supplements used in our diets can go a long way to controlling and prevent kidney stones. The supplements are known to be an alternative to the potassium citrate used in the treatment of kidney stones. Fortunately, the supplements do not have the side effects experienced while using potassium citrate.

The commonly experienced form of kidney stones is the calcium oxalate. This is where minerals deposit from inside the kidneys. They get stuck in the urinary tract and could block urination thus causing severe pain. People with obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure are known to be highly susceptible to developing kidney stones. It is thus important for one to consider effective dietary supplements that will contain the condition.

In case your dietary supplements are not effective in preventing kidney stones, it is advisable that you visit a doctor for further assessment and treatment. This is essential for the quality health of your kidneys. If detected in real time, kidney stones can be treated. Ensure that you consult on the outright dietary supplements to prevent kidney stones.