Quit Smoking

How to Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight

r5h6tghyfjteu5Are you doing everything to stop smoking? This is one of the healthiest resolutions you can ever have. You need to be strong and well resolved to kick the habit out. Unfortunately, when trying to keep off the habit comes with an increase in weight. You need to understand the best way to stay off the cigarettes yet keep a healthy weight. Most smokers are worried about adding weight when they quit smoking. Some ways can be followed to ensure that you control your weight while quitting smoking. The best advice is to focus on breaking the tobacco addiction first then focus on the issue of weight.

How is weight gain related to smoking cessation?

Weight gain while stopping smoking can be attributed to two factors:

One tends to eat more

Most smokers have a tendency to put something in their mouth if they are not smoking. Sugary foods are very attractive since your taste and sense of smell are active when you stop smoking.

Nicotine improves metabolism

When you stop smoking, the rate of metabolism is lowered thus causing more weight gain in the body. This is due to poor burning of calories in the body.rthyngctdhe

How to avoid weight gain

It is important that you understand the body changes that could occur when you quit smoking. The following aspects will help in avoiding extra weight when you quit smoking:

• Improve on your metabolism

Nicotine is known to increase the metabolic rate. This boosts the burning of calories thus maintaining a good weight. However, when you quit smoking, the rate lowers thus making it easy for the body to put on extra pounds. This is mostly noticed if you continue taking the same amount of calories immediately after stopping the habit. It is advisable that you check on the amount of food you eat so as to give your body time to adjust to the new metabolism patterns.

• Check on the type of foods you eat

When nicotine is off the plan, ex-smokers start craving for sugary foods. They also develop a tendency of putting something in their mouths since cigarettes are no longer there. Oral satisfaction is the next move for them. Often, they consider sweet foods which are rich in calories thus adding more weight. It is advisable that you look for foods that can keep you off the cigarette but with low calories. Such foods include:

  • Jicama slices
  • Sugar-free gum
  • Carrot sticks or celery
  • Sliced sweet peppers
  • Sugar-free hard candies